Activists with ideas discuss Lessons of October – March 18, London

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Lessons of October

Judy Beishon, author of the introduction to our edition of Lessons of October, is speaking at an Activists with Ideas event at Goldsmiths University on March 18. Hosted by Socialist Students and London Socialist Party, this event is open to everyone interested in socialist and marxist ideas.You can see full details on the Facebook event page.

If you have not yet got a copy, you can get the Kindle edition here, order a paperback edition here, or pick it up together with our latest release Trotsky in 1917 and save £2.50 when buying both together!

For more information on the Activists with Ideas event, see below:

“Crisis, austerity and environmental devastation. That is the future capitalism offers for billions of working class, young and poor people across the globe. We live in a world where eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people in the poorest half of humanity, said Oxfam a year ago. In the year since then, the world’s richest 1% took 82% of all the wealth generated. And for the vast majority of people this system can’t meet people’s basic needs for housing, health care, education and even food and water.

“But we are fighting back and socialism is popular!

“Bernie Sanders becoming the most popular politician in the US, Jeremy Corbyn increasing the Labour Party’s vote in the UK, Syriza (before its betrayal) receiving 36% of a Greek general election vote, the emergence of Podemos across Spain, Jean-Luc Mélenchon receiving seven million votes in France, among others. Across the world we have seen movements develop around politicians standing against austerity..

“But to implement an anti-austerity programme we need ideas to challenge the rotten capitalist system.

“Activist With Ideas is a series of meetings hosted by London Socialist Party and Socialist Students. We will be discussing the Socialist and Marxist ideas needed to provide emerging movements against austerity and capitalism with a programme that can change society.

“Our first meeting is on Leon Trotsky’s Lessons of October

“2017 saw the centenary of the Russian revolution, an important event for those struggling against capitalism everywhere. 1917 is the only example, so far, of workers taking, and holding, power. This publication is ideal reading. It is the first overview of how the revolution was won, written by one of the leading participants.

“Come and hear from Socialist Party Executive Committee member Judy Beishon, author of a new introduction to a new edition of the book produced by Socialist Books.”

Socialist Books in February

Trotsky in 1917 - available now!
Trotsky in 1917 – available now!

At the end of January, Socialist Books launched our latest publication, Trotsky in 1917. We’ve had a very successful launch so far with lots of enthusiastic take up.

Haven’t yet got your copy? Well, the bad news is that you’ve missed out on our pre-order discounts, but the good news is that there are still bargains to be had! You can pick up both Trotsky in 1917 and Lessons of October together for just £15; that’s a 15% discount if you buy both together.

Socialist Books will also be making an appearance at a few upcoming events. First up is the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition conference taking place in central London on 10 February. This election coalition involving the RMT trade union, the Socialist Party and others will be discussing the upcoming elections, endless council austerity and the role of Labour councillors, and the question of standing an anti-austerity challenge.

On the 24 February we’ll be at the Socialist Students conference in Birmingham. As they put it “This could be the year we see the end of tuition fees. It could be the year student debt becomes a thing of the past. Corbyn’s promise in May 2017 was that, should he be elected, fees would be history by the following September. This was a pledge which helped propel the electoral revolt which took May’s government to the brink of defeat on 8 June. But despite the Tories clinging to power, we still have the opportunity to make this policy real now.

“Britain’s weak, divided government is exceptionally vulnerable. The task facing all student campaigners is to help build a movement that can drive them from power: a movement that can force them to call a general election; a movement that will fight to see Corbyn’s policies implemented – and go further.

“Socialist Students is the largest organisation on the student left. We will be meeting on 24 February in Birmingham Student Guild to discuss how such a movement can be built. And we’ll be placing student struggle in its wider context.

“We’ll be looking at the situation facing those fighting back around the world – from the defiant protesters battling the racist billionaire Trump, to those braving vicious state repression to demand for self-determination in Catalonia. And we’ll be drawing lessons from history – in particular the revolutionary struggle that took place in France 50 years ago, in 1968.”

If you’re coming along to either of those events, say hi! Know of any other events that Socialist Books should be at? Let us know over on twitter or facebook. Know of any shops, libraries, book reviewers or anywhere else you think would be interested in our titles drop us an email.

We’ve got a few videos, articles and other projects in the works; check back here for more or subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with Socialist Books.

Socialist Books @ Socialism 2017!

Socialism 2017 is going to be an excellent weekend of socialist discussion and debate, taking place this weekend (11 & 12 November) at the Institute of Education in central London. You can find out full details over on the Socialism 2017 website.

Alongside our stall (and all the marxist classics from Left Books) running throughout the weekend, Socialist Books will be holding a few special events, Socialism 2017 offers and opening pre-orders for our upcoming publication, Trotsky in 1917!

From Militant to the Socialist Party

From Militant to the Socialist Party
From Militant to the Socialist Party

Before Socialism 2017 begins, we will be holding a special event with Peter Taaffe, author of From Militant to the Socialist Party. At 2pm on the Saturday, by the bookshop on the lower ground floor, we will hold a special event where Peter will discuss the book and be available for signings.

There is also a special Socialism 2017 offer on sales of From Militant to the Socialist Party; buy the book for £15, and choose from a copy of either of the following; The Masses Arise by Peter Taaffe; Socialism in the 21st century by Hannah Sell; Trotsky on World War One by Leon Trotsky for free!

Peter Taaffe will also be speaking in one of the Saturday Socialism 2017 sessions – What is the legacy of the 1917 October revolution? – and at the Saturday evening rally alongside US socialist Kshama Sawant, Ian Mearns MP, Juan Ignacio Ramos on the fight against austerity and capitalism in the Spanish state and more!


Lessons of October

Lessons of October
Lessons of October

At 5pm on the Saturday of Socialism 2017, following on from the first set of sessions, we will hold an event with Judy Beishon, author of the introduction to Socialist Books edition of Lessons of October. Trotsky wrote Lessons of October to draw out the main lessons of 1917, and how the Bolsheviks led the Russian revolution. Judy will introduce Lessons, and there will be a chance to discuss and ask questions about the book.

Lessons of October will be available for sale from Socialist Books stall at Socialism 2017 for only £5. But, if you’d like to pick up your copy, why not go all in…

Judy will also be speaking at Socialism 2017; on Sunday morning on Will there always be war in the Middle East? and on Sunday afternoon on Universal Basic Income and the gig economy – What can lift workers out of poverty?


Trotsky in 1917

Trotsky in 1917
Trotsky in 1917

Trotsky originally wrote Lessons of October as an introduction to his collected works from 1917. Socialist Books is proud to announce that our next title, Trotsky in 1917, will be the most complete English-language collection of Trotsky’s writings from that year. We will be opening pre-orders at Socialism 2017; and then more widely afterwards.

The cover price of Trotsky in 1917 will be £12.50 – however, for pre-orders we will be charging £10. Comrades will be able to order Trotsky in 1917 at the Socialist Books stall throughout the weekend, and we’re aiming to have the book with you by Christmas!

And as another Socialism 2017 special offer, for £12.50 you can pre-order Trotsky in 1917; and get a copy of Lessons of October at half price!

Want to get an introduction to Trotsky’s ideas? The Socialism 2017 session Lessons of October: are Trotsky’s ideas still relevant? might be for you! But the discussions throughout the weekend, the sessions, rallies and chats throughout the weekend are an excellent event for socialists. We hope to see you there!

Socialist Books at Socialism 2017!

Socialism 2017 will bring together working class fighters, trade unionists and youth and student activists, anti-cuts campaigners, those who want to find out about socialism and Marxism, and people who want to change the world, for a weekend of discussion and debate on the alternative to capitalist crisis.

Rally speakers will include From Militant to the Socialist Party author Peter Taaffe, Labour MP and Corbyn supporter Ian Mearns, US Socialist Alternative councillor Kshama Sawant, Irish TD Paul Murphy and many more throughout the weekend.
You can find out more about Socialism 2017, and book tickets, over on their website.
Socialist Books will have a stall open throughout the Socialism 2017 weekend, and there will be a chance to pick up our publications alongside a wide selection of books available from Left Books.

Socialist Books at the National Shop Stewards Network TUC rally

Socialist Books is happy to confirm that we’ll be at the National Shop Stewards Network TUC rally in Brighton on September 10. The rally will hear from:

Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

Len McCluskey Unite General Secretary

Mark Serwotka PCS General Secretary

Steve Gillan POA General Secretary

Ronnie Draper BFAWU General Secretary

Sean Hoyle RMT President

Amy Murphy USDAW Southern Division NEC member

Len Hockey Secretary Unite Barts NHS Trust branch – currently on strike.

Chaired by Janice Godrich PCS National President

…and other workers in dispute! To find out more about the lobby, see the National Shop Stewards Network website here, and the facebook event here.

Be sure to stop by the Socialist Books stall, to pick up your copy of From Militant to the Socialist Party, pre-order our new publication Lessons of October, and more!

London launch – From Militant to the Socialist Party

Thursday 25 May – 7pm

From Militant to the Socialist Party
From Militant to the Socialist Party

Just two weeks before the general election a new book, From Militant to the Socialist Party, will be released. It tracks developments from the Blairite takeover of Labour to the first rumblings of the world economic crisis of 2007-08, and is the sequel to The Rise of Militant.
It is an extremely timely release with people heading to the polls in June. Only by clearly putting forward a radical anti-austerity programme will Jeremy Corbyn be able to lead Labour to victory in this election. His clear call for voters to elect a Labour Party that “is standing up for working people to improve the lives of all” was a good start.
Author Peter Taaffe will be speaking, and there will be a chance to ask questions, buy your copy and get it signed.

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8EP

Eventbrite page // Facebook event