Liverpool A City That Dared to Fight election offer 2018

Election offer: Liverpool A City That Dared to Fight 50% off!

Buy it here before 4 May!

There are local elections ongoing across England throughout April and the start of May. A key battleground in these elections is the devastating scale of council cuts, and how they can be fought.

Liverpool A City That Dared to Fight is a record of the heroic struggle waged by socialists in Liverpool council against Thatcher’s austerity. Elected on a fighting stance, and building a united mass movement with the trade unions, Liverpool Council 1983-87 turned back the Prime Minister, winning extra funding and expanding council services.

The example of Liverpool Council still provokes discussion today. Find out how a fightback is possible, the role of socialists and the Militant newspaper, in a central battle of the 1980s. Pick up your copy of the Kindle edition today and get it for only £3.75 – 50% off our normal price.

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Buy it here before 4 May!

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