Liverpool A City That Dared To Fight ebook now available!

New ebook: Liverpool A City That Dared To Fight

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The chronicle of the Liverpool City Council 1983-87 is now available on Kindle! The council said no to Thatcher’s vicious cuts, and taking a fighting stance won major improvements for working-class people. The strategy and stance of Liverpool Labour, and the Militant supporters within that, are essential reading today for all those looking to build an anti-austerity fightback today. After Corbyn’s election, the legacy of the Liverpool Council 1983-87 is often referenced, but the real lessons are rarely drawn out. What does a fighting Labour Party look like? Can councils stand up against central government dictats? Liverpool A City That Dared To Fight offers affirmative answers to both of these, and sets out a clear record of the struggles of the eighties.

Socialist Books is proud to publish this ebook edition, and we hope that in doing so we hope that we make those key lessons more readily available.

Liverpool A City That Dares to Fight joins our growing collection of titles on Kindle, which also include The Rise of Militant and its sequel From Militant to the Socialist Party, and Leon Trotsky’s Lessons of October. We hope to add more titles soon, in ebook and in paperback editions. Check back on our website, or fill in the form on the left to sign up to our mailing list to get occasional Socialist Books updates.