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These are all newly translated by Pete Dickenson, with the great majority appearing in English for the first time. Trotsky in 1917 is the most complete English-language collection of Leon Trotsky’s writings from the year of the Russian revolution.

The regular price is £12.50, but as a pre-order offer you can pick up your copy for just £10.

A number of these articles have been serialised in Socialism Today, the magazine of the Socialist Party. Below we’re publishing the contents of Trotsky in 1917, with links to those articles; but as you can see, this is a small minority of the overall book!

So have a read of the articles below, pre-order your copy of Trotsky in 1917 and get your hands on the full thing early next year!

Trotsky in 1917 contents – and publication dates

Trotsky in 1917
Trotsky in 1917

Introduction by Niall Mulholland i
Translators Introduction xiii

Part 1: From New York exile to the July days

03.03.17 Revolution in Russia 5
08.03.17 From whom and how to defend the revolution 7
14.03.17 An obliging divine providence 10
00.04.17 1905-1917 12
05.05.17 A prisoner of the British 16
05.05.17 First speech at the Petrograd Soviet 24
07.05.17 The betrayal of Skobelev and Tsereteli 26
07.05.17 No support for the Provisional Government 28
26.05.17 In defence of the Kronstadt sailors 30
31.05.17 From the Kronstadt sailors, soldiers and workers to the revolutionary people 31
04.06.17 Opposing the offensive 34
05.06.17 An appeal to the majority in the Soviet 36
07.06.17 The road to a disaster 43
09.06.17 War and peace 46
12.06.17 Statement of the Bolshevik fraction 52
15.06.17 On this road there is no way out 54
17.06.17 Pacifism in the service of imperialism 58
27.06.17 $10,000, ‘Verein’ and slanderers 64
28.06.17 Notes on the war 67
28.06.17 From words to deeds – on uniting the Internationalists 70
17.07.17 Unity in action needed immediately 74

Part 2: Fighting the counter-revolution

17.07.17 On the July days 81
25.07.17 The revolution is in danger 84
25.07.17 The surrender of a position 96
25.07.17 Defending the Bolsheviks 99
15.08.17 Shame! The work of republican justice 101
18.08.17 With blood and iron 105
20.08.17 The minister of justice undertakes the education of Trotsky 108
01.09.17 When will the cursed slaughter end? 110
08.09.17 Bring them to book! On the Kornilov coup 119

Part 3: The rising tide

18.09.17 The sabotage of the Kadet ministers 127
18.09.17 The revolution at a critical moment 133
22.09.17 Declaration of the Bolshevik fraction 138
25.09.17 First speech as chair of the Petrograd Soviet 140
25.09.17 Preparing for an attack by the counter-revolution 141
09.10.17 ‘Long live the direct and open struggle for revolutionary power’ 144
12.10.17 The time for words is over 146
17.10.17 The threat to Petrograd and the struggle for peace 150
18.10.17 Pogrom agitation 153
20.10.17 Statement about an ‘action’ 155
24.10.17 The Petrograd Soviet to the front 157
24.10.17 On the eve of revolution 160
25.10.17 The overthrow of the Provisional Government 163

Part 4: Consolidating power

29.10.17 Our hesitation has come to an end 171
29.10.17 Defending the revolution 174
08.11.17 The first tasks of the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs 176
12.11.17 ‘Down with the secret treaties and diplomatic intrigues’ 181
12.11.17 What do the secret treaties reveal? 183
13.11.17 Letter to the British ambassador on the arrest of Chicherin 185
14.11.17 The treachery of the Allies – Two documents 186
25.11.17 To all the people 189
27.11.17 The freedom of the press 191
02.12.17 The constituent assembly and the Kadet Party 194
02.12.17 To the workers and oppressed peoples of Europe bled white by the war 198
08.12.17 ‘We will shed the last drop of our blood for peace and for the brotherhood of peoples’ 201
14.12.17 On the progress in the peace negotiations 206
19.12.17 The peace talks at Brest-Litovsk 210
23.12.17 The French military mission: a source of lies and poisonous rumours 213


Timeline 219
Key figures 235
Index 241

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